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Battle Rifle: The M1 Garand
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Characteristics of Springfield Armory WWII Bolts


Pictured are an early bolt without the extra hole on the bottom and a more common bolt with the extra hole on the bottom.  It is believed this hole was added to allow water to drain from the firing pin chamber.


This is a Springfield Bolt D28287-12SA in the S04<> heat lot.  These bolts used half round firing pins and blued extrractors, ejectors and springs.


Pictured is a very early D 28287 bolt.  These bolts were used on early gas trap M1's.  You can see the heat lot number stamped by hand under the drawing number.
The dimple above the drawing number is a hardness proof mark.  These early bolt should have round firing pins, blued extractors, ejectors and springs.


D28287-18 SA

Springfield Armory WWII Production