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Battle Rifle: The M1 Garand
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Follower Arms

Examples of Springfield Armory WWII Follower Arms


These are examples of some of the Springfield Follower Arms.  The no bevel type was used through most of the rifles we encounter.  The flat back is believed to have been used after the numbered single and double bevel arms.
The first arms used were double bevel, like the single beveled pictured, but on both sides.  It was also marked with a drawing number B8869.  These were used very early gas trap production.  The part was revised to a single bevel but retained the B8869 number for a short period in late 1939 through early 1940.  The drawing number was left off and the part you see was born.  The next documented change was the no bevel pictured.  These were used from s/n 200,000 to the end of the War.

Springfield Armory WWII Production