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Battle Rifle: The M1 Garand
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Bullet Guides

Examples World War II Springfield Armory Bullet Guides 


This is the majority of bullet guides used during World War II production.  The first and second type bullet guides marked B-8875 and B8875 are missing.  Both are milled and have a narrow slot.   The first bullet guide on the left has all the characteristics of this missing bullet guides.  The only difference is the drawing number which is marked on the flat.  The B8875SA bullet guide has the narrow slot and is milled.  The next bullet guide used was the B8875-1SA, it has the wide slot and is milled.  The milled guide is next and just lacks the drawing number.  In 1943 Springfield added two relief cuts in the bend of the guide.  Then they started stamping them to save money late in World War II.  The later post war stamped guides have a curved notch on the side.  It is thought this was done to add in removal and installation of the part.

Springfield Armory WWII Production