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Battle Rifle: The M1 Garand
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Op Rods

Characteristics of World War II Op Rods


This is an unmodified D35382-9 SA Op Rod.  You can see the part number on the flat area.  The arrow shows were the modified op rods wer cut during rebuilds.  This nice square corner indicates an original unmodified World War II rod.  Later post war rods were modified during production and won't have this square cornner. 


This is a D35382 6 SA Op Rod.  It is curve sided and straight cut.


This picture shows the flat side.  The boss the the bolt lug is captured in is flat and the leading edge is "straight" or vertical.


I've tried to illustrate a curved op rod.  You can see how it tapers from larger at the bottom to small at the top.  It has a gentle curve to this taper.  This rod still has the straight vertical front edge.  I know it curves back, but they call this straight.

Springfield Armory WWII Production