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Battle Rifle: The M1 Garand
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Harrington & Richardson

Harrington and Richardson Post War Production

Common Post War Parts

Bullet Guide Stamped with a notch
Op Rod Catch Late
Follower Arm No Bevel 
Follower Assembly unmarked
Late Follower Arm Pin
Clip Latch Square Front
Follower Rod Long Fork Riveted
Late Stamped Flat Lower Band
Lower Band Roll Pin
Handguard Clip Stamped
Rear Sight Aperture
Front Sight Screw Ribbed

Early HRA DRC windage, late HRA-W

Early original HRA rifles had rear sights with elevation pinions marked HRA and windage pinions marked DRC.  Sometime in the 5 million serial number range the windage knob was changed and marked HRA-W.

HRA gas plugs

HRA gas plugs were marked HRA or HRA and O.  The HRA plug was used earlier.


HRA follower arms are of the no bevel type.  The lugs the pin goes through is flat and the edges of the arm are crisp.

HRA used three different stock cartouches.  First the ordnance wheel, then a 3/8 inch DAS and finally the 1/2 DAS.  Most HRA stocks have a large horseshoe, a fat grip bottom and unique comb.  It is being discovered that late production rifles might have used the serif P in a circle.  I wouldn't change the stock if I receive a really nice late rifle and it has what looks like a HRA stock with a serifed P firing proof.

HRA 1/2 inch DAS

HRA large horseshoe area

HRA stock comb


HRA op rods were marked 6535382 HRA and 6535382 HRA with a dot..    These op rods were used throughout HRA production. 

HRA used the stamped post war bullet guide with the one notch on the side.  HRA's swage for the timing leg was usually a small star.  The later rifles have swages that are similar to International's swage.  HRA also starting using Overton rear handguards later production.

HRA Hart Drawing Number

Note Black Finished HRA Safety

Later HRA Safeties Were Smoother

Early 4.66 million HRA's had some unique features.  The stock had the ordnance wheel and the san serif P in a circle.  The DAS cartouche wasn't in use yet.  They also had complete HRA trigger groups but used Springfield WWII hammers.  The hammers were usually 3, 8 or 9 SA's.  They used WWII Winchester internal parts, ie early Winchester op rod catches, op rods and follower assemblies.  Springfield parts could also be found.  The trigger housings were made by Hart and were marked 6528290 HRA H and the H looked "bowlegged".  These early Hart groups had HRA tapering triggers, HRA marked safeties that looked black krinkly finished, usually HRA stamped trigger guards, SA hammers, no winged plungers and 45 degree plunger tubes.

3/8 inch DAS Cartouche

HRA stocks with the 3/8 inch DAS usually don't have the large horseshoe area found on the later 1/2 inch DAS HRA stocks.  There have been some 3/8" DAS HRA stocks from the greek returns with the large horseshoe area. They do have both the san serifed P in a circle and the serif P.   The san serifed is more common.

HRA Front Sight And Screw

Most HRA rifles used a ribbed front sight screw.  Note the ribs don't go front to back.  Advanced Collectors in Texas have examined a large example of original Greek HRA M1's and found this screw on 100% of their examples.

Battle Rifle: The M1 Garand