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Battle Rifle: The M1 Garand
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Type 2 Triggers By Different Manufactures


Springfield Armory Type 2 triggers can be distinguished from the other manufactures because they usually have casting numbers or letters on the sides. Sometimes they have been worn away and appear as pitting. Close examination can usually lead to a determination.

Winchester Type 2 triggers usually have a slightly milled look to them. They are almost always punch marked on one size or the other. Most are "A" marked. The "A" is in a position were it rubs on the trigger housing with use and so seeing it can be difficult. The second sear will be blued unless its been refinished or very late production.

International Type 2 triggers can be difficult to determine. The triggers are made with a very smooth surface and the triggers usually have the second sear the same color as the body. No casing marks or identifying marks are known.

Harrington and Richardson Triggers are finely made. They have a very prominent taper. There are no casting marks or milling marks. The second sear is usually the same color as the body.


Battle Rifle: The M1 Garand