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Battle Rifle: The M1 Garand


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The M1 Garand is the greatest battle rifle every designed.  John Garand was a self made master machinist and weapons designer.  His insight into how parts of a rifle should interact are still today being copied by arms manufacturers worldwide.   The M1 was a major factor in the defeat of Germany and Japan during the Second World War.  It is our mission to aid you in restoring your M1 back to it's glory.

Our web site is designed to help you determine which parts are correct for your M1.  There are gray areas in this process and you should always used your judgement in making the final determination of what you feel would have been the parts used on your rifle.  The examples should be used as a guide only.  Springfield Armory, Winchester, International Harvester and Harrington Richardson did not keep accurate records of parts used.  Subcontractors provided parts to multiple manufactures. 

Springfield Armory

Winchester Repeating Arms

Springfield Armory Post War

International Harvester

Harrington & Richardson

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